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While we slowly adjust to the clocks changing and get our heads round the fact it’s light at 8pm, I know many of us are guilty of thinking about booking a cheeky little getaway to somewhere warmer and slightly more exotic than Towcester! Have you got a trip planned for the late spring? Whether you’re escaping to the English shores for a weekend or jetting off to the Med, we have some top tips for getting you prepped!*

*These tips apply to holidays, weddings or any event you wish to look your best at!


Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner! Its hard to believe with the threat of Storm Emma on her way, already turning parts of the country into a white-out winter wonderland but fret not, the daffodils are poking their little heads out and we’re getting more glorious daylight in the mornings and evenings. The change of season welcomes a time to shake things up a bit; to restore back to normal after a long winter’s hibernation. With this in mind, we’ve put together some must-have spring offers which kick-start in March.

Christmas has been and gone in a flash and somehow you’ve not managed to catch up with each other, sound familiar? Take some precious time out together with this exclusive half-day spa experience, complete with bubbles on arrival, his-and-hers Lava Shell massages, private use of all spa facilities like our spacious hydrotherapy pool, Aspen sauna and steam room. Also, finish the day with a sumptuous afternoon tea overlooking the rolling fields of the Wakefield Country Estate. Bliss. Book now through our website to avoid disappointment or call us today on 01327 810206

This December, we’re tipping tradition it on its head by setting slightly different resolutions for the new year, focussing on beauty on the inside and out, and wellbeing. We’ve all set fitness and career goals in the past which can put unnecessary pressure on us so, inevitably, some of these goals aren’t achieved as they’re  a) unrealistic, b) it makes you feel rubbish about yourself and c) life gets in the way!  At Grafton Spa, we’re saying now is the time to change! Here’s what’s on our list for 2018:

If you’re an avid follower of beauty bloggers and up-to-date with industry news then you’ll be aware of the new facial taking the skincare world by storm – Crystal Clear COMCIT. We’re so pleased the geniuses at Crystal Clear have created such an innovative facial delivery system – and shortened the name to an easy acronym! COMCIT, also known as ‘Cryo-Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy’ is an anti-ageing skincare facial made up of 4 processes in one effective treatment. Each process is key to rejuvenating the skin and most importantly, boosting collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin. The COMCIT facial is recommended for those wishing to tighten and brighten their skin but also to those considering injectables such as botox and fillers. We believe this facial – applied regularly –will eliminate the need for these invasive skincare solutions.

Do you love aromatherapy massage? Then you’re in for a real treat…

We are thrilled to offer a new bespoke aromatherapy massage at Grafton Spa. Introducing Kokolokahi. Pronounced ‘koko-lo-car-he’, the tongue-twister of a name originates from ‘koko’ or coconut – referring to the rich coconut oil base found in all the sensuous oils and also the Hawaiian word for harmony or ‘lokahi’. These luxurious massage oils are a collection of the purest ingredients based on the 5 elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit. These 5 elements represent our human needs and desires, depending on our mood or emotion and are designed to boost inner peace and a sense of wellbeing. In addition, the coconut, argan and shea oil found in the super blend of oils will leave your skin luxuriously hydrated and deeply conditioned.

We are so excited to announce our amazing Black Friday deal of 2017. For today only (Friday 24th November 8am-23.59pm) we are offering you BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on full and half day spa rituals. Saving you £12o (full day) or £90 (half day).

Enjoy our fluffy robes and slippers while you relax for either 6 or 4 hours at the spa, with full use of  our hydrotherapy pool, aspen sauna and steam room plus either a back scrub and back, shoulder and neck massage (half day) or full body scrub, full body massage and full body wrap (full day). You may add treatments on top of the package but these will need to be pre-booked and chargeable on the day.

Vouchers for your full or half day ritual have to be purchased today before midnight and vouchers to be redeemed on the same day (for two people), until the end of March 2018.

For online bookings, please select the spa ritual of your choice, use code BLACKFRIDAY in the notes section to inform us you are booking in two people, but paying for only one.

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are for two people on the day, not one guest over two days. This is a perfect Christmas present for you and your loved one to enjoy together. Full day spa ritual is 5 hours on Sundays. Light lunch or afternoon tea can be added for only £10 for two people.

Before you know it, your diary will be filled with invitations to office Christmas parties, school fundraisers and your partners’ work do – not to mention Christmas catch ups with your nearest and dearest, and we all have that one friend who has a birthday just before Christmas! With so many celebrations in your social calendar between November and December, it’s important to keep on top of a good diet and your skin, nail and hair care. Here are some top tips for making it through the party season. You can do this!

Is it just us or are there so many beautiful pregnant ladies around town at the moment? As the saying goes, “there must be something in the water…” in Potterspury!

With the abundance of glowing femmes visiting our spa, it got us thinking about what it was like – before children – the time and freedom we had to indulge our pastimes and look after ourselves before the arrival of baby No.1. The lead up to labour is full of midwife appointments, confusing paperwork and the longing to see the squirming bundle inside our tummies, so it’s important to use your time wisely to prepare mentally and physically for the joys and tears of motherhood (FYI – nothing can really prepare you!).  If you have just started your maternity leave and are thinking ‘what now?’ then we have compiled a list of things to do before you finally get to meet the amazing little creature that’s been growing inside you for so long…

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